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Lemsford Fete, 1st May 2023

Lemsford Fete - where we have battled, wind, rain and the barbecue smoke in previous appearances!

The clouds looked threatening for a little while, but no rain this time!

The wind stayed low!

The barbecue smoke still drifted lazily over the performance area


Competing with the barbecue!

Getting ready  - note the "wind protection" measures on Cassandra's music stand!


Performing in the main arena! 

(Thanks Paul Butler, Lemford Fete, for this picture).

Hitting all the right notes!

An appreciative audience as always, with some folks singing along with us.

Any of the men who were listening and singing along - yes, we saw you! Why not get in touch if you fancy singing with us.

Contact details on our Welcome page!

Join us again soon for another event!

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