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When and where does the Choir rehearse?
Ludwick Way Methodist Church, WGC, AL7 3PN, Thursdays 7.30pm-9.30pm.

Is membership limited to those living in Welwyn Garden City?

No, though many of our members are from WGC, several come from other parts of Hertfordshire and even further afield. Our rehearsal venue is less than a half hour drive from most of Hertfordshire.

How long is a usual rehearsal?
Two hours, but many members continue singing and talking over a pint in a nearby hostelry.

Is car parking available on rehearsal nights?
Yes, adjacent to the church.

Does the choir have a social programme?

Yes. Social activities in recent years have included a greyhound racing night, a brewery visit, and a BBQ. In addition, weekly rehearsals usually conclude with a visit to to a local pub.

Is there a probationary period for new members?
No, when a new member and the conductor are both happy with progress, the first concert awaits!


Is there an audition?
Yes, however it need hold no fear as it is brief and involves only the conductor and accompaniment provided by our pianist.

I'd like to join the Choir, what do I need to do?
Come along to a rehearsal and see us. Contact us here and we'll get back to you just as soon as possible
What better time to join than now?


Are choir members expected to attend every concert?
No, but members are expected to attend whenever they are available. We provide a diary of events looking as far ahead as we can to enable members to plan their commitments more easily around concert dates.


Are choir members expected to attend every rehearsal?
Rehearsals are an essential part of preparing for concerts, in addition to practice in your own time. Regular attendance is expected.


Do members have to buy music?
No, all music is provided.


Do members have to buy their own uniform?
Members are provided with the red jacket at no cost. Other items are the responsibility of each member.



Do members sell tickets for local concerts?
We perform the majority of our concerts in aid of local charities and good causes, with the beneficiary being responsible for the organisation of the event and for ticket sales. Members, however, are invited to assist in publicising our concerts, including encouraging ticket sales. We also perform two concerts each year for our own fundraising and members are required to try to sell tickets for these events.


Do members have to sing solo at any time?
Not unless they want to. We encourage members who would like to sing and play an instrument; we have interludes during concerts when the choir rests and soloists entertain the audience.

Do you give any training?
In addition to weekly rehearsals, we benefit from occasional coaching sessions from specialists.


Does the Choir sing from memory?
Yes - invariably; this is not as difficult as may be imagined and is good 'brain exercise'.


Does the choir tour?
We aim to visit a different choir annually; in May 2010 we travelled to South Wales and sang with Cor Meibion Maesteg a'r Cylch. More recently we have ventured to France and North Yorkshire.


How do I find out about Friends of the Choir?
Contact us here and we'll get back to you just as soon as possible.


How do you help new members to get up to speed?
With encouragement, comradeship and excellence 'from the top'. We also try to team new members with longer serving members who sing the same parts.


How many concerts are there every year?
It varies, but about a dozen in a typical year.

Is transport provided to concerts?
Transport may be provided to more distant venues, but car sharing arrangements are encouraged.


May anyone come to a rehearsal?
Prospective members are welcome to come along. There is no obligation and you can simply sit, watch and listen to see if you would like to be part of such an uplifting experience as singing in a choir.


Should I be able to read music?
It is not essential, and most of our members cannot sight read music. Willingness to practise and learn the songs and the ability to 'hold a note' are key.


What costs are there for choir members for tours?
Costs vary; some subsidy is usually provided, at the committee's discretion.


What expenses are there as a choir member?
The main costs are the purchase, if necessary, of some items of the uniform and travel costs.


What is the membership fee?
An annual fee of £120 which is reviewed annually.


Who can join?

Any male with a voice, a wish to sing in an established choir, a desire to learn and progress, and to have fun.

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